UK49s is a renowned South African bookmaker which has been in the betting industry for a while now and they are very popular with punters due to the excellent service they offer to their punters. The bookmaker offers quite a lot of betting opportunities for their valued customers to make sure that there is always something to bet on at any given time, some of the betting products on this platform include sports betting, Betgames, Lucky Numbers and more.
The Lucky Numbers offering is great because you get access to quite a huge number of Lucky Numbers draw games on this platform from several countries and there will always be a draw game to bet on on any given day.

How to find UK49s on

Betting on the UK49s on the platform is very easy, you simply need to visit the official website on and click on the ‘LuckyNumbers’ link which is located on the main menu of the website. On the LuckyNumbers page, you must the search for ‘UK49’s’ and you can do so by either selecting the country, which is of course the UK, or by using the search feature where you must just type ‘UK49’. After locating the ‘UK49’s’ you must then select your market and your wager will be added to the betslip. Finalise your wager by selecting the “BET” button.

What are their odds for the balls and the booster/bonus ball?
Below are the odds of winning for the number of balls you can bet on with the UK 49s:
Standard bet (without bonus ball)
No. of balls UK Odds
1 Number 8.00
2 Number 61.00
3 Number 600.00
4 Number 10000.00
5 Number 100000.00
Standard bet (incl. bonus ball in same drum)
No. of balls UK Odds
1 Number 6.50
2 Number 53.00
3 Number 425.00
4 Number 4000.00
5 Number 50000.00
6 Number 200000.00

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