Russia Gosloto

Gambling is one of the most fascinating activities that people do. The fascinating nature of gambling really is necessitated by one thing. This thing relates to the emotional roller coaster nature of gambling. At one time, gamblers will be all happy and jovial as they make their predictions. The next minute, fear trickles in as they start to think about their chances of winning and losing. As the event commences, the fear transforms into suspense as gamblers eagerly await the outcome of the event. Once the event comes to an end, depending on whether one wins or not, then gamblers will either be filled with happiness or sorrow. Such a roller coaster ride of emotions is the attractive appeal of gambling hence the reason gambling is so popular worldwide.
Want to enjoy the roller coaster ride of emotions as you gamble? If you answer yes to this question and happen to be currently residing within the confines of the Russian borders or South African borders, then you really need to give the popular Gosloto lottery a try. Players looking to learn all there is to know about this lottery simply need to continue reading this review.

Russia Gosloto

Whenever most people hear about the word lottery, there is a picture that immediately comes into their mind. This picture depicts a small piece of paper which is full of small grids that contain numbers. When it comes to Gosloto Lottery, this picture is very true. However, there are certain intricate details that need to be explicitly exposed. Below, we expose these intricate details. See also, Gosloto Odds.
When it comes to Gosloto, there are four different lottery tickets that players may come across. These four different lottery tickets do represent the four types of lottery games offered at Gosloto Lottery. Namely, these four are: the 4/20 game, the 5/36 game, the 6/45 game and the 7/49 game. Below, we will explain in detail what these games are all about and how they work.

How does Gosloto work

Gosloto 4/20

The 4/20 game is a lottery which requires players to pick four numbers that they think will be picked during the draw as the winning numbers out of a possible 20. The Gosloto 4/20 ticket does come with two different panels –Panel 1 and Panel 2 – each of which has 20 numbers. The player is tasked with picking four numbers out of the possible 20 on both Panels. Both selections are considered when the draw takes place. See our Gosloto 4/20 predictions.

Gosloto 5/36

The 5/36 is a lottery game which requires players to pick five numbers that they think will win out of a possible 36. The 5/36 ticket comes with two panels. The first panel comes with 36 numbers. It is from this panel that players are required to pick their 5 lucky numbers. There is an additional Panel with four numbers. Players have to pick their bonus ball from this panel. Getting the bonus ball correct is crucial as the ball helps in magnifying the potential payout. See our Gosloto 5/36 predictions.

Gosloto 6/45

The 6/45 game is a game which requires players to pick 6 lucky numbers from a lottery ticket that comes with 45 numbers. Managing to get all six numbers correct is the objective when playing the game. This necessitated by the fact that getting all the numbers correct will return the lotto jackpot prize which runs into millions of rubles. See our Gosloto 6/45 predictions.

Gosloto 7/49

The 7/49 game is a lottery game that requires players to pick 7 numbers that they think will win during the draw from a lottery ticket that has 49 numbers. Getting all 7 numbers correct is the wish of all players as that means they will walk away with a crazy jackpot prize.

Russia Gosloto Lottery Draws

• 4/20
The draw for the 4/20 game is conducted twice daily. The first draw takes place at 10:00am and the second draw takes place at 22:00pm Moscow time.
• 5/
One of the most impressive things about the Gosloto 5/36 game is that it has five draws in a 24 hour period. Yes, you heard that right. In just a single day, players have five chances of winning the 5/36 jackpot! The daily draw of the 5/36 takes place at 12pm, 3pm, 9pm and 11:59pm Moscow time.
• 6/45
The draw for the 6/45 game is conducted twice each day. The draws are conducted in the morning and the evening giving players the opportunity to scoop two jackpot prizes in a single day.
• 7/49
The Gosloto 7/49 game’s draw is done five times in a 24-hour period. The draw times are as follows: 10:30am, 13:30pm, 15:30pm, 19:00pm and 22:30pm Moscow time.
Cost and Prize Money
• 4/20
The 4/20 is a pooled lottery. What this therefore means is that there is no fixed jackpot amount that players are guaranteed of winning before they purchase their tickets. Rather, the jackpot amount that players win is only known and publicized after the window period for purchasing lottery tickets lapses. Once the ticket purchasing period lapse, Gosloto calculates the total amount collected from ticket sales and designates 67% of that amount as the jackpot prize. The balance is the amount that goes into the coffers of Gosloto for administration and other expenses.

The 5/36 ticket costs 80 rubles – just over US$1. The lottery is a pooled game whose actual jackpot prize is only known after all tickets have been bought.

The 6/45 game comes with a pooled rollover jackpot. What this means is that the jackpot amount increases progressively if not won. The more draws the game goes without a winner, the higher the jackpot prizes increases. While this is the case, players ought to know that the minimum they can win when they get all six numbers correct is 10 million rubles. Consolation prizes are available for players who get 2, 3, 4 and 5 numbers correct.

The 7/49 game uses the rollover format. This therefore means the jackpot prize increases after each draw for as long as no winners emerge. However, it’s important to note that consolation prizes are available for players who fail to hit all 7 numbers correct but fall slightly short.
Biggest Winners
Of all the Gosloto games, it is the 6/45 game which has spilled the biggest payout. In 2016, a lucky punter walked home with a cool 358,358,466 rubles after winning the 6/45 game.
Round Up
Russia’s Gosloto is a great lottery game to play largely necessitated by the fact that it’s a state run game meaning everything is above board and there is no reason to worry about crossing paths with law enforcement agents. On top of that, the mere fact that there are numerous Gosloto games with most having multiple draws every single day make Gosloto quite an appealing lottery.