Jamaica Cash Pot Lottery Prediction

Cash Pot is a daily lottery game from Jamaica which was formed in the year 1995 and it is regarded as one of the oldest and most popular lotteries in Jamaica. The lottery game is conducted by one of the best gaming and entertainment providers in Jamaica called Supreme Ventures Groups, some of the most popular lotteries offered by Supreme Ventures umbrella include Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, Lucky 5, Top Draw, Dollaz, Lotto, Super Lotto and Money Time. The Jamaica Cashpot lotto draw game gives punters several opportunities of winning daily because it has a total of 6 daily drawings. This is significantly more than the 2 daily drawings for UK49s and the 4 daily drawings for Russia Gosloto.

EarlyBird 8.30 am
Morning 10.30 am
Midday 1.00 pm
Mid Afternoon 3.00 pm
DriveTime 5.00 pm
Evening 8.25 pm

Jamaica Cash Pot Predictions

Cash Pot Morning - 18/05/2024

Cold Numbers


1 times

Hot Numbers


10 times

Take a look at the latest hot and cold numbers for Cash Pot Morning for the 18/05/2024.

Hot numbers: 01

Cold Numbers: 36

Our prediction for the Cash Pot Morning based on these hot and cold numbers is: 36 01

What makes Cash Pot popular is the fact that the game is easy to play and the punters decide on the amount they wish to bet with. Please note that Cash Pot does not only offer punters with the standard gameplay but there is a bonus opportunity called Cash Pot Mega Ball which can be activated by punters by spending an additional amount of $10.

How to play Jamaica Cash Pot Lottery

In order for you to play Cash Pot you must choose your lucky number(s) from 1 to 36 with a minimum bet of $10. For you to win, the number you wager on has to match the randomly selected numbers chosen during the live draw. Please note that you will win $260 for every $10 wager, or 26 times the amount wagered.
Additionally, once you have placed a $10 wager on the Cash Pot game, you have the option to spend an additional $10 minimum up to equal their base wager to participate in the Mega Ball feature. If you play Mega Ball, you have a chance to win the normal prize payout of $260 for every $10 bet, and also the Mega Ball payout $700 for every $10 bet.

When does the Jamaica Cash Pot Lottery draw take place?

The Jamaica Cash Pot draws takes place six times daily at at 8:30 am, 10:30 a.m., 1 pm, 3 pm 5 pm and 8:25 pm except on Christmas Day and Good Friday only.
What are the odds of winning the Jamaica Cash Pot Lotto Draw?
The Cash Pot lottery has some of the best odds in the world, the odds of winning Cash Pot are 1 in 36, the reason being that only one number is drawn in each of the six daily draws.

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