Russia Gosloto 7/49 Predictions

The Russian Gosloto 7/49 is a very popular lottery not just in Russia but it is popular worldwide since its inception in 2005.
The Russian Goslotto 7/49 has several draws on a daily basis, so if you master it then you can win consistently since it is an everyday lottery. 
The name of this lottery tells you everything you need to know about this lotto. When playing the Russian Goslotto 7/49 , you must select 7 numbers from a wide selection of numbers ranging from 1-49.
In order to win this lotto, all the 7 numbers selected by the player must match all the 7 drawn winning numbers. Every ball is consecutively numbered from 1 -49 and during the draw, the fate hand chooses the 7 numbers. It is important to note that the colour of the ball has no bearing whatsoever in the draw.
Below are the average odds for winning the Russian Goslotto in South Africa. You will notice that the betting odds grows with the number of balls you choose to bet on, so to maximise your winnings, you must bet on more balls and wager a bigger amount.

1 1 Ball (Main Set) 5.5 This will display the selection grid
2 2 Balls (Main Set) 52 This will display the selection grid
3 3 Balls (Main Set) 400 This will display the selection grid
4 4 Balls (Main Set) 4000 This will display the selection grid
5 5 Balls (Main Set) 50000