UK49s – UK 49s Lotto – UK49 Predictions

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Lottery is one of the world’s oldest past times. The popularity of lottery hasn’t for a single instance wavered and this is testament to the brilliance of the game and its power to attract new players while at the same time retaining the regular players. Just like any other game that players may think of, lottery as a game does have different variants. One of these is the UK 49s Lottery which we are going to explore in detail in this UK 49s Lottery review.

What is the UK49s Lotto

In simple terms, the UK 49s Lottery is a lottery game. As such, the first thing that should come to the minds of all players when looking to play the game is the fact that when looking to play the lottery, the objective is to dues/predict the numbers which are likely to be drawn when the lottery draw takes place.
The ‘49s’ element in the lottery title does hold the keys in exposing the number of number grids that the UK 49s Lottery ticket comes with. The lottery ticket comes with 49 number grids and it is from these grids that the player has to choose the numbers to be likely drawn during the draw.

How does the UK 49s Lotto Work

The UK 49s Lottery is a 6/49 game. It is this aspect of the game which details how the whole action pans out when looking to play the game. As stated earlier, the lottery ticket does have 49 numbers. It is from these 49 numbers that the player is instructed to choose the ‘6’ likely numbers to be picked up during the draw. If the 6 numbers picked by the player end up becoming the exact six numbers to be drawn during the draw, then the player will ultimately become the UK 49s jackpot winner!
As can be seen from above, playing the UK 49s Lottery is not really a difficult thing. Just visit the 49s official site and purchase your lottery ticket. Make your six selections on the lottery ticket and enter your submissions. Once done, wait for the draw to be conducted and if the player’s numbers align with those that are drawn, then the player becomes a lottery winner. Simple as 1, 2, and 3 isn’t it? Apart from the six numbers, players are also required to pick a 7th number. The seventh number is known as the Booster. The Booster helps in magnifying the prizes won by the players. Players who get all 6 (or consolation numbers) correct including the Booster will receive enhanced payouts.

Key Details about 49s UK Lotto

Well, it’s important to note that there are two very important things to bear in mind when looking to play UK 49s lottery. These are showcased below.
First, there is the issue of age – only folks who are above the age of majority can play the UK 49s lottery legally. The age of majority in the UK stands at 18 years henceforth this means only folks who have attained the age of 18 can play the game.
Second, the UK 49s lottery can only be enjoyed by players who reside within the confines of the UK and South Africa. All other players in different jurisdictions cannot play the lottery. It’s important on this front to note that it may be possible for people outside the UK and South Africa to purchase the UK 49s lottery tickets and possibly submit their predictions. However, if they win, their winnings will be voided unless they prove that they are residents of the UK and/or South Africa whatever the case maybe.

UK49s Lottery Draws

One of the most beautiful things about UK 49s lottery is the fact that it conducts two draws daily. Yes, you heard that right – the lottery conducts two draws daily meaning players have the opportunity to win two jackpot prizes in a single day! The two draws are conducted during teatime and the other during lunchtime.
From October to February, the draw for the teatime results takes place at 4:49 pm. From February to October, the draw takes place at 5:49 pm GMT. See our teatime predictions
Unlike the Teatime draw, the Lunchtime draw is constant and it takes place at 12:49pm GMT everyday throughout the year. See our lunchtime predictions. You can also use our UK49s Dream guide.

UK49s Cost & Prize Money

The minimum amount required to purchase the UK 49s lottery is just one pound. With this one pound, players rest assured knowing that once they get at least one number correct, then a payout will come their way. Below, we graphically illustrate the payouts awarded to players once they get at least one number correct.
Number of Correct Numbers
Prize Awarded
1 pound
54 pounds
601 pounds
7,200 pounds
125,000 pounds
*Players need to note that the above prizes are only for matching the standard numbers. Once players get the Booster Ball correct, the payouts will be further enhanced.

Uk49s Biggest Winners

Many players in the past have managed to scoop some big jackpot prizes when playing the UK 49s lottery. Recently, one lucky player by the name Edwin Chiew did walk away with a massive 1,100,000 pounds for getting all six numbers correct!

UK49s Predictions

Lottery is a game of chance and that is not a disputed fact. However, though this is the case, it’s important for players to know that there are a few things that they can do in order to increase their chances/luck of winning. When it comes to the UK 49s lottery, there are particularly two strategies that players have to take into cognizance at all times. These are as follows:
• Utilizing the Lucky Dip: The UK 49s Lottery does offer the Lucky Dip option. Basically, what this means is that players can already find some ‘probable’ winning numbers that have been picked by the bot. All that players will need to do therefore will be to simply purchase a ticket and opt to use the Lucky Dip numbers. With a reputation of its Lucky Dip numbers returning payouts every now and then, players who utilize the Lucky Dip service ought to know that they can heighten their chances of winning.
• Hot and Cold Balls: The UK 49s official site does expose the hot and cold balls of the past four weeks. Hot balls are the numbers that are drawn more frequently while the cold balls are the least drawn numbers. Players therefore may choose to go for hot balls with the intention that the balls will continue on the hot streak hence will be drawn once more. Others may just mix the hot balls with the cold balls knowing that the cold balls’ poor run may just be about to end.