How to Play UK49

The UK 49s is a lottery-like game, which has drawn comparisons with betting more than random luck. The key aspect to this way of thinking is the bettor can increase the stakes giving them a better sense of control.
The UK 49’s can be played online and off-line and is proving a popular twice-daily bet-option across the world. Non-UK residents are eligible to play and win. The UK 49’s is operated by a registered betting company and also runs the Irish Lotto Bet, Rapido and virtual grey-hound and horse-racing.
The site can be found at
The twice daily draw is based on the premise of the lottery with a punter having to select six numbers and one ‘booster ball’ from a set of numbers 1-49.
The betting part of the game lies in the fact that a player can choose one ball coming up and then a win of 6 times the stake is forthcoming. The player determines the bet amount and the winning stake is always the same, unlike in lottery pool betting, where the amount of winners translate the win-amount.
A player can choose two numbers to come and increase winnings. Remember each bet-amount is decided by the punter for example betting 100 pounds on two numbers of the six coming. The punter can also select 4,5,6, -and-booster and the win amounts depend on the stake and the chances of them hitting. The chances of getting all seven balls (including the booster ball is about 1.2 million to one.
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The chances of winning a minimum amount is 1 in six. So if you bet 50 dollars on one ball coming you will win $300.
Most major betting companies offer the UK 49’s and dependent on the service provider the limit for each bet can be between 50-500 pounds or dollars.
Many leading sportsbooks and online betting platforms offer this service.
The minimum jackpot is 9 dollars and the maximum around $300 000. The largest ever win was at Ladbrokes in September 2014 with a student picking up 1.1 million pounds with a 1 pound stake, by correctly predicting all of the numbers.
There are many tipsters that explain how to win and most use hot-picks – numbers calculated from previous draws. Many predictors advise on about four single bets a day. That is taking the option of one ball and earning 6 times your stake.
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The results are released immediately, with the operators stating that time is of the essence, especially if a punter wants to play the next draw later the day.

Lunch-time draw
• This is held at 12:49 (noon GMT time) and this draw is called lunchtime draw.
Tea-time draw
• This occurs at 17:49 pm (GMT time) – this draw is referred to as teatime draw.
SA Lotto
The South African Lottery was established 17 years ago and has grown in leaps and bounds, with regard to pay-out sizes and diversity of games.
The SA lotto is the flagship brand of the national Lottery Board and ever since its inception has been wildly popular with punters and dreamers across the country.
The SA Lotto draw takes place twice a week, on a Wednesday night and on a Saturday night, on SABC at 8.56 pm.
The ticket price has risen considerably but given there are three main lottery prizes up for grabs for a single ticket, there is more chance to hit the life-changing win. To qualify for the single main draw will cost R5 while adding in the lotto plus will cost a further R2.50. Adding the lotto plus 2 will cost an additional R2.50 – so to play all chances a total cost of R10 is the preferable bet in the country.
There is the main lottery draw, the lotto plus 1 and the lotto plus 2 and all offer substantial rewards. The SA lotto has reached R50 million in the past and is based on the accumulator method, meaning that of the numbers are not hit, then the amount is carried over. The prize starts at R2 million and increases each draw (twice a week).
The current operators are Ithuba and they have seen the growth of the jackpot prizes and diversity of games, including 13 lotto-like features.
The punter must select six numbers on the ticket, available online and at most retail stores, to stand a chance to scoop the major amount.
There are also significant earnings to be won by correctly predicting 5 of the six numbers, with the bonus ball the key in scoring the win.
The amount to be won for this win ranges from R100 000 to R850 000 depending on the amount of winners. Often there is just one winner and the whole amount can be won by a single punter.
Filling in the ticket is as easy as selecting six numbers on the card, or by quick-pick (a computer generated sequence). This set of numbers is unique and no two quick picks will ever be the same.
There is also money to be made by predicting five numbers (in the region of R5000 to R20 000) while four numbers and the bonus ball yields slightly less.
There are also pay-outs for four numbers (around R2000), three numbers and the bonus ball (approximate average of R300) and three straight numbers (R20 to R250).
Tickets can be purchased up to 30 minutes before the draw, which takes place live on television on a Tuesday and Friday night at 9 pm. The results are released within 24 hours while the chances of scoring a winning ticket is 96 to one.
The chances of hitting all six numbers are about 20 million to one.
Prize money up to R5000 can be cashed out at any retail store, while any prize above that means a trip to the local Lottery office, whereby a bank deposit will be made. This usually takes a week to clear in your bank account.
In July 2018 the win amount stood at close to R45 million. The slogan of the SA lottery is “Tata ma chance”, which roughly translated, means take a chance. You have to buy a ticket to dream of the win, and stand a chance at buying your favourite car, paying off your home or plain investment.
Winners have the option to be anonymous or get media attention, while there is also financial counselling offered for each major winner. Often winners come from the poorer economic sectors and this service is popular – as is the psychological counselling sessions available.

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