How to Play UK49 in South Africa

South African punters ought to note that from the comfort of their own homes, they can easily access and play the UK’s top and most popular lotto game, the UK49s. UK49’s lottery is quite popular not only in the UK but worldwide owing to many great attributes. Some of these include the daily draws (twice each day), lucrative payouts and the flexibility of choosing the numbers one wants to try and match. Options start from just one up to six numbers. 

Wondering how you can start picking your lucky numbers? Well, there are just a few steps you need to take. In this guide, we will share with you the steps. First, however, let’s explore the lottery in detail for the benefit of those who are looking to play the UK49’s for the first time. 

Overview of the UK49’s Lottery 

UK49’s is one of the top lottery games in the UK which is enjoyed by millions every single day. Lotto players from both the UK and beyond have enjoyed the game for many years now. UK49’s is a simple 6/49 lotto game. What this means is that when players purchase the UK49’s ticket, each line will have 49 numbers. To enter into the next draw and stand a chance of winning the top prize, players should pick their 6 lucky numbers from the 49-number grid. Note that there is also the option of picking the bonus ball. Once done, players will have to wait for the draw to be conducted. If the numbers picked during the draw align with the six numbers picked by the player on his/her ticket, the player wins the jackpot. 

The UK49’s is different from many other lotto games. This is necessitated by the fact that players aren’t restricted to picking six numbers only during the draw. Rather, players choose the numbers they want to match from as low as just one number up to six. If the player chooses to pick and play just one, two, three, four or five numbers, they win a prize only if their numbers are matched during the draw. 

Another great attribute of the UK49’s game is that there is no fixed price for purchasing the ticket. Of course, this is necessitated by the fact that players have the freedom of playing and matching the numbers they want from one to six. On this front, players ought to note that the payouts they stand to win if their lucky numbers are picked during the draw correspond to the ticket price used. 

How to Play UK49 s from South Africa

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you take it, UK49’s can only be played online in South Africa. If you are an old-school punter who prefers to play at retail betting outlets, you will need to embrace online gambling for a bit when it comes to UK49’s. The benefits you reap from playing the lotto online will certainly compensate for the absence of retail betting outlets accepting UK49’s bets. While online either on your desktop or mobile, here are the steps you need to take to access the game.

  1. Visit your preferred bookmaker that offers the UK49’s games (all South African bookmakers offering UK49’s lottery are listed below)
  2. Search for the Lottery/Lucky Numbers section and select the UK49’s
  3. Choose the draw you want to enter between Tea Time and Lunchtime
  4.  Choose the numbers you want to try and match. Also, decide if you want to predict the bonus ball or not
  5. Pick your lucky numbers
  6. Decide how much you want to bet. Note that when you pick your bet option, you will see the odds for your selection 
  7. Enter your stake and confirm your bet. 

Draw Times

UK49’s offers two draws every single day. South African punters can partake in any or both draws if they wish. The draws and their draw times are as follows:

  • Lunch Time Draw: If you wake up feeling lucky or a luck omen visits you at any time before midday, you can enter the Lunch Time Draw. The draw is conducted every day at 14:30hrs local time. 
  • Tea Time Draw: The Tea Time Draw is conducted in the evening at 19:30hrs local time. 

*Note that when you access the UK49’s lottery at some South African bookmakers, a countdown timer will help you know when exactly the next draw will be conducted.

Odds of Winning and Payouts

There are no fixed payouts when it comes to the UK49’s lottery. The bet amount you choose as your stake determines how much you are going to win. For those who choose to pick all six numbers at once with or without the bonus ball, the odds of winning are as follows:

Regular Draw (without bonus ball)

 1 correct ball = odds of 7/1

2 correct balls = odds of 65/1

3 correct balls = odds of 714/1

 4 correct balls = odds of 10 000/1

5 correct balls = odds of 100 000/1

Regular Draw (with bonus ball)

 1 correct ball = odds of 11/2

2 correct balls = odds of 52/1

3 correct balls = odds of 400/1

4 correct balls = odds of 4000/1

 5 correct balls = odds of 50 000/1

 6 correct balls = odds of 120 000/1

Consolation Prizes

Players who pick all six numbers with or without the bonus ball are the only ones eligible for consolation prizes if they fall short of getting all six numbers by a few numbers. Note however that the awarding of consolation prizes is dependent upon the bookmaker one has settled at. 

Bookmakers Offering the UK49’s Lottery in South Africa

The bookmakers that players can settle at when they want to access and play the UK49’s lotto game include:

  • Hollywoodbets
  • Yes Play 
  • Betway
  • Scorebet 
  • SupaNumbers
  • GBets
  • World Sports Betting 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the jackpot prize for the UK49’s lottery?

There is no fixed jackpot prize for the UK49’s game. The bet amount that players place as the stake determines how much they are going to win. The maximum amount that can be won is dependent upon the bet placed as well as the prize limits at the bookmaker the player is playing at. 

2. How much does the UK49’s ticket cost?

There is no fixed price for the UK49’s ticket. Players can choose any amount as their stake for as long as it’s within the range supported for minimum and maximum bets at the bookmaker they are playing at.

3. How many numbers do players pick when playing the UK49’s?

The beauty of the UK49’s is that players decide the numbers they want to pick and match. Options range from picking 1 to 6 numbers with or without the bonus ball. 

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