Hollywoodbets UK49s – Hollywoodbets UK 49s Results

Hollywoodbets is arguably the biggest and most popular bookmaker in South Africa because the bookmaker has shops everywhere in South Africa and their online platform generates a lot of traffic as well. What makes Hollywoodbets popular with punters is the fact that it offers all the betting products you can think of and punters like this because it gives them several opportunities of winning. Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers is a very popular betting product in the South African betting industry and Hollywoodbets customers can play Lucky Numbers at various Hollywoodbets outlets or online from a computer, tablet or a mobile phone.
The UK49s, which is one of the most popular lucky numbers draw is one of the many draws you can find on the Hollywoodbets betting website. Take a look at the Hollywoodbets dream guide, and See Hollywoodbets Results.

Hollywoodbets UK49s Results

hollywoodbets post the results from all the UK 49s draws that take place on their site, on their twitter profile.

How to find UK49s on Hollywoodbets

To play UK49’s on the Hollywoodbets platform, you must visit the official Hollywoodbets website, and click on the ‘Lucky Numbers’ link which is located on the left side of the homepage. Scroll down and locate ‘UK’ on the drop down menu and locate the UK49’s draws.

Below are the odds of winning for the number of balls you can bet on with the UK49s:
No. of balls UK Odds
1 Ball (Main Set) 6.5
2 Balls (Main Set) 60
3 Balls (Main Set) 600
4 Balls (Main Set) 10000
5 Balls (Main Set) 100000
Bonus Ball High 0.9
Bonus Ball Low 0.9
Bonus Colour (Blue) 5.5
Bonus Colour (Brown) 5.5
Bonus Colour (Green) 5.5
Bonus Colour (Orange) 5.5
Bonus Colour (Purple) 5.5
Bonus Colour (Red) 5.5
Bonus Colour (Yellow) 5.5
1 Ball (Bonus) 45

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