Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers

The sports betting growth in South Africa is growing apace and there are many leading contenders to for the punters to choose from, and alongside boasting a myriad of physical stores, hollywoodbets also provides a range of web and mobi site action.
Hollywoodbets is distinctive for its brightly coloured, almost garish brand colours and the action is just as colourful, with the provision of a host of amenities, including lucky numbers, live in play action, a large and varied sportsbook and sport contests on offer.
The site does not offer too much in the way of promotions, but it does provide a top-class effort all round. The addition of lucky numbers, now a ubiquitous feature in the SA betting community does provide punters with the chance to win substantial sums on a lottery-like game.

The advent of lucky numbers to the SA market sees the likes of Hollywoodbets offering access to hundreds of international lotteries, all offering substantial pay-outs.
The key to remember is that while a punter may be playing the Mega Millions in the United States of America, they are not actually in the main draw in so far as much as they do not own actual lottery tickets. What the players at hollywoodbets do play is an odds generated game, using the same numbers and draw times as the international lotteries. Take a look at the Hollywoodbets dream guide.
This means the punter will not win billions of dollars but rather a set amount, as prescribed by each web or mobi site.

Lucky numbers offers subscribed punters the opportunity to partake in lottery action daily or weekly, with a host of draws done every few hours, and can place wagers on predicting from one to five numbers for example.

Hollywoodbets offers lottery action from as far afield as Vietnam and the Philippines and the games come thick and fast.
The platform offers all the South African lottery play and an example of the betting odds are as follows: In the SA lotto Lucky Numbers draw a player can place a stake on one number coming out of the six, and if that numbers comes in the pay-out will be 6/1.
If the punter chooses two numbers from the six (1-49 numbers) then the odds will increase to 60/1.
Three correct numbers, at an average of R10 bet will yield the player R7000 (700/1 odds) while four predicted numbers will earn the player R120 000 and six correct calls will yield a pay-out of R1.2 million (120 000/1 odds).
The odds change dependent on various lotteries, for example in the Greek lottery, there are 9 balls to choose from and predicting all 9 equates to 190 000/1 odds.
The lucky numbers link on the website can be found on the menu directory running down the left hand flank of the main landing page.
To find the lucky numbers link on the mobi site is even easier as it is well advertised on the landing page menu directory.
The look and feel and functionality of the lucky numbers is not as comprehensive as many other leading sites, with the information cramped and without much explanation on ‘how to play’. Supabets for example has a whole landing page just for quick bets, with all sorts of information, past results and other links, but hollywoodbets does not offer such an in-depth view.
The site does offer close to 100 different weekly and daily lotteries from across the globe, with a maximum pay-out of R10 million and a minimum stake of R5.
This information is not easy to find and a punter will have to search through the main site’s terms and conditions to find this info out, and may have to scroll some time to find the applicable section.
The platform could do well to be more informative of lucky number game play, and change the lay-out, especially on the website, where it feels cramped and claustrophobic.

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