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Supabets is one of the better-performing online operators, both in web and mobi and offers top-notch promotions, varied sporting opportunities, live in-play action and a lucky numbers features that will lure in new clients and keep the current database interested.
Along with the traditional sportsbook the site offers the ever-popular lucky numbers, a computer generated lotto-like game, with opportunities to win substantial sums of money with relatively small stakes. The most popular lucky numbers draws on Supabets are UK49s and Gosloto.


The Supanumbers in this case are linked to more than 50 international lotteries like the Russian state lottery for example and while the numbers drawn for the main lotto are used, the winnings are calculated differently. The lucky numbers feature is an odds generator based on the game play of the international lotteries like Mega Millions.
There are a host of daily draws, and punters can also place bets for lotto-action for the entire week. We also offer a lucky numbers dream guide
The supanumbers (lucky numbers) link can be found on the main landing page directory menu running horizontally across the top of the screen.
On the mobi site a punter can access the lucky numbers by pressing the menu icon on the top right hand section of the landing screen, opening up a menu. Then the player must click on the supa numbers link and another page with all the international lottery action opening up and offering all lotto-amenities as provided on the main website.
Punters can choose between one and five numbers to appear when the main draw is done with varying odds for each stake. For example if a punter chooses one number the odds will be approximately 6/1 while 2 numbers will increase to 60/1. By selecting five numbers on supa numbers the odds will be approximately 85 000/1. The stake amount plus the odds will bring in a life changing win. This example of odds is taken from the Russian lottery.
The supa numbers link is a mini site of its own, with a home page, results link, new user prompts as well as the bet icon.
The maximum winnings per lottery is a whopping R10 million, which is a large amount offered by the team at supa bet, especially compared to other platforms around the country in this regard.
Playing the lotto on supabets is simple; a punter must click on the lottery they want to play, click on their chosen numbers and the betslip will show the odds and the win amount should the predicted numbers come in, and then a player must click confirm – and wait for the results.
Checking on results of previous lotteries is also easy-to-follow and the ‘results’ link will provide punters with a search bar to check any of the 50 plus lotto’s that have been drawn in the past week.
Unfortunately there is no information regarding a minimum bet, despite searching through the various ‘help’, ‘terms and conditions’ and ‘how to play’ sections.
The lucky numbers feature on supabets is professional, all-encompassing and boasts a whopping max pay-out, all signs of a top-notch platform.

Supabets Results

Are you looking for Supabets Results, for their Lucky Numbers games. Supabets, like most betting sites in South Africa, offering betting on lucky numbers. Once the lotto draw has taken place, Supabets will close the draw officially and pay out the winners. however there is not anywhere directly or easily accessible on the Supabets website where you can quickly find the Supabets results, be it UK49 s, Gosloto etc. However recently they have been putting the results on their twitter page here.

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