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Dreams are an ongoing part of our lives from childhood and everyone has his own views as to the importance of dreams, with some considering them to be highly meaningful and some considering them to be of less value. There are people who consider dreams as an unconscious reflection of people’s internal anxieties, fears, desires, hopes and fantasies. The betting industry is one industry where some people use their dreams to make money because there have been several testimonies of people who actually dream about the Lucky Numbers and they went on to win.

It is important for punters to realise first and foremost to realise that lotto numbers are randomly drawn and so there cannot be a system that successfully predicts the winning numbers because even the lottery owners do not know the numbers which will be drawn. come true, you must realise that it is only by luck and you must not establish your dreams as a system that works for making correct predictions.
There is a rare case whereby a person dreams of the actual numbers and just wakes up and bet on them, we cannot deny that a person can actually dream about the lucky numbers, but for one to dream about the numbers and remember those numbers is something of a rarity.

The Dreamguide method is one which is a bit realistic because people do remember about their dreams and the Dreamguide system is there to help punters interpret their dreams insofar as lucky numbers is concerned.

What is a UK 49s Dream Guide

Dream Guide is a system that helps you to convert your dreams into lucky numbers, and this is achieved because every detail of your dream is assigned a specific ‘lucky’ number, there is a huge collection of dream aspects like horse, death, virgin and several others and each of these is assigned a number. What this means is that If you remembers key aspects of your dreams, Lucky Numbers Dream Guide can be used for related and associated words for those dreams. Below is a good example of how one can make use of Dreamguide in UK49’s predictions;
You can dream playing with your Dog at the park and suddenly the Dog starts chasing a Bunny out of the park. If you had such a dream or any dream for that matter, you simply have to go to a website which offers ‘Dream Guide’ and look for the objects in your dream to find the numbers that represents those dreams. For example:
Dog 11
Bunny 31
Park 24
Your lucky numbers based on the dream guide will be 11, 31 and 24, so you must then opt to play 3 UK49s Lucky Numbers.
Below are the objects and the numbers that represent these:

  1. King; Human blood; White man; Left eye
  2. Monkey; Native; A Spirit; Chief; Copper; Money; Jockey
  3. Sea Water; Accident; Frog; Sailor; Sex
  4. Dead man; Turkey; Small Fortune; Bed
  5. Tiger; Fight; Strong Man
  6. Ox Blood; Gentleman; Milk
  7. Lion; Thief; Big stick; Chickens
  8. Pig; Drunken man; Loafer; Fat man; Chinese king
  9. Moon; Baby; Hole; Owl; Devil; Pumpkin; Anything round
  10. Eggs; Train; Boat; Grave; Anything Oval
  11. Carriage; Wood; Tree; Furniture; Bicycle; Flowers
  12. Dead woman; Ducks; Small fire; Chinese Queen
  13. Big fish; Ghosts; Spirits
  14. Old woman; Fox; Detective; Nurse; Native woman
  15. Bad woman; Prostitute; Canary; White horse; Small knife
  16. Small house; Coffin; Pigeon; Young woman; Paper money; Letter
  17. Diamond woman; Queen; Pearls, Diamond; Stars; White woman
  18. Silver money; Servant girl; Right eye; Butterfly; Hook; Rain
  19. Little girl; Smoke; Bread; Big bird; Left hand
  20. Cat; Sky; Handkerchief; Body; Music; Minister; Naked woman
  21. Old man; Stranger; Fisherman; Elephant; Knife; Nose; Teeth
  22. Rats; Motor car; Big ship; Left foot; Shoes
  23. Horse; Doctor; Head; Hair; Crown
  24. Mouth; Wild cat; Vixen; Lioness; Hole; Purse
  25. Big house; Church; Boxer; Hospital
  26. Bees; Crown; Bad man; Bush; General; Funeral; Madman
  27. Dog; Policeman; Newborn baby; Medicine; Sad news
  28. Sardines; Small fish; Thief; Right foot; Suprise; Small child
  29. Small water; Coffin; Rain; Tears; Big knife; Right hand
  30. Fowl; Graveyard; Sun; Throat; Indian; Forest
  31. Big fire; Bishop; Big spirit; Feathers; Fight; Woman
  32. Gold money; Dirty woman; Snake
  33. Little boy; Spider
  34. Meat; Human dung; Anything dirty; Cripple; Tramp
  35. Clothes; Sheep; Big hole; Big grave
  36. Shrimp; Stick; Admiral; Cigars; Gum
  37. Arrow; Lawyer; Treasure; Cooking; Stream
  38. Crocodile; Balloons; Sjhambok; Fireworks; Stadium
  39. Sangoma; Soccer team; Tattoos; Bloodshed; Teacher
  40. Birth; Clock; Snail; Dwarf; River; Traditional healer
  41. Cattle; Planets; Cave; Desert; Monster
  42. Tornado; Spear; Umbrella; Camel; Door
  43. Army; Thunder; Astronaut; Rabbit; Turtle
  44. Shark; Stud farm; Body builder; Injury; Mud
  45. Football; Computers; Jewellery; Wrestler; Storm
  46. Ambulance; Beard; Sea and Scissors; Key
  47. Stallion; Kite; TV; Lightening; Carnival; Hut
  48. Clown; Rainbow; Nightmare; Whale; Wealth
  49. Shebeen; Circus; Chocolate; Space ship
  50. Bathroom; Magic; Revolution; Trap; Wheat
  51. Car; Carrot; Orange; Vulture; Wasp
  52. Brush; Eagle; Salon; Shower; Trumpet

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