Betting World Lucky Numbers

Betting World is arguably one of the biggest and most popular bookmakers in South Africa with several retail betting outlets spread all over South Africa. The bookmaker is mostly known for horse race betting, but they offer an extensive range of betting products like various sports, pool betting and Lucky Numbers. This article takes a look at Betting World’s Lucky Numbers offerings, and how you can use our Lucky Numbers dream guide to help make predictions.

Betting World offers its clients with a wide range of lucky numbers draw games which are listed below:
Atlantic Lotto British Columbia Lotto
Canadian Lotto French Lotto ( Powerball )
French Lotto Plus 5/49 Greek Lotto
Greek Powerball Irish Daily Millions Evening
Irish Daily Millions Lunch Irish Daily Millions Plus Evening
Irish Daily Millions Plus Lunch Irish Lotto
Irish Lotto Plus 1 Irish Lotto Plus 2
Mauritius Lotto Ontario Lotto
Quebec Lotto Russian Gosloto 6/45
Russian Gosloto 7/49 SA Lotto
SA Lotto Plus 1 SA Lotto Plus 2
SA Powerball SA Powerball Plus
Spanish Lotto UK 49s
UK Free Lottery ( Daily ) 6/75 UK Free Lottery ( Weekly ) 6/75
UK Lottery UK Set for Life 5/47
UK Thunderball US Mega Millions
Where to find it on the site desktop?
If you want to bet on Lucky Numbers on the Betting World platform, you must visit their official website provided you are a registered client. Click on the ‘BW Numbers’ link located on the left sided menu and all the draws will appear below the link and you must click on the one you wish to bet on and place your bet.
Odds for UK49’s
Selection Odds
1 Numbers 5.5
2 Numbers 50
3 Numbers 425
4 Numbers 5000
5 Numbers 50000
Bonus Ball Hi/Lo 0.9
Bonus Ball Single 4.25
Bonus Ball 45
Odds for Russia Gosloto 6/45
Selection Odds
1 Numbers 6
2 Numbers 57
3 Numbers 450
4 Numbers 4500
Odds for SA Lotto
Selection Odds
1 Number 6
2 Numbers 55
3 Numbers 500
4 Numbers 5250
5 Numbers 60000
Bonus Ball Hi/Lo 0.9
Bonus Ball Single 4
Bonus Ball 48

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