Betway Lucky Numbers

Betway is synonymous with professionalism and despite a plain looking platform the portal offers all the main features so popular and endemic in South Africa, including promotions, live betting, varied sports book and lucky numbers.

Lucky numbers are proving increasingly popular with punters in line for large wins at small stakes and this lottery – in the form of random generated draws – is one of a staple diet of action offered across the spectrum.
Betway South Africa offers a high quality lucky numbers betting product and the link is easily accessible and noticeable on both the web and mobi site. The most popular Lucky numbers on Betway are UK49s, Gosloto and SA Daily Lotto.

How to find Lucky Numbers on Betway

The link for the lottery feature is featured on the main menu directory on the website and mobile site and clicking on the icon will take the punter into the world of international lottery action. The lotto draws take place multiple times a day and throughout the week and is an interactive look at the myriad of some of the biggest draws across the world.

The page link for lucky numbers on Betway is well displayed and has its own menu directory featuring a home, results, ‘how to’ and next draw links.

Some competitors for the lottery market in South Africa offer the globe’s hottest action but the game play is not well displayed. Betway South Africa has one of the most favourable and easy-to-use functionality for this feature.

One of the strongest aces up the sleeve of Betway Lucky Numbers is that the lottery action provides arguably the biggest bet market on lottery play. The market is made up of 14 types of betting per lottery draw – the variety includes the sum of balls drawn (the total of all the balls drawn equaling to odd or even). The next bet offered is over/under on the sum of balls, while another offers fourteen ranges on the total of all balls.

Another bet-type is betting on whether the bonus ball will be odd or even or under/over or if the bonus ball will be a single digit number. Still another market allows punters to stake on whether the bonus ball will be matched in the main draw (for example if 8 is drawn in the regular draw and also as a bonus ball.

The rest of the bet market is of a similar variety as well as offering the traditional selection of one to multiple numbers, increasing the win as more options are taken.

The minimum stake for a lucky number game is R1 (one of the lowest in the country) while the maximum win-amount is only R500 000 (also one of the lowest on offer).

This low max win means the earnings will not be life-changing and this could put serious lucky number punters off, especially considering that many competing platforms offer R10 million or more.

On the plus side, the site has one of the leading ‘information’ sections on ‘how to play’, terms and conditions, bet-markets and more.

Betway Lucky Numbers offers access to a plethora of international lotteries, an easy-to-play guide as well as prompt results but on the downside the max pay-outs are extremely low.

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