Daily Lotto Draws and Daily Lucky Numbers

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A good number of punters cannot spend a day without betting on Lotto because they are always on the lookout for the elusive jackpot which will change their lives and the idea that the punter’s luck could change any day makes punters bet all the time. The good news is that there is quite a wide range of lotteries with daily draws which gives you an opportunity to win on a daily basis. Some daily lotteries offer only one draw a day, others offer two daily draws but there are others like The Ireland Daily Million 6/39 which offer a total of 4 draws. This article takes a brief look at some of the popular daily lotteries in the world. Here is a link to our page showing all lucky number draws taking place today.
1. uk49 Lunchtime and Teatime
The UK49’s is a very popular draw game which follows the matrix 6/49 which means that you have to select a total of 6 main numbers from number 1 – 49 and a Booster Ball all of which are drawn from a pool of 1 to 49. The UK49 lottery has two drawings daily, that is, the UK49’s Lunchtime whose draw closes at 14:45 hrs and the results are published 30 minutes later at 15:15hrs. The other draw is the UK49’s Teatime whose draw closes at 18:45 hrs and the results are published 30 minutes later  at 19:15 hrs.  
2. Poland Mini Lotto
The Poland Mini Lotto is as the name suggests ‘a mini lotto’ because both the ticket price and the jackpot are at a minimum. This lottery is a 5/42 lottery and in order for you to win the Mini Lotto jackpot, you must select a total of 5 numbers ranging from 1-42 and you must match your 5 selected numbers with the 5 drawn ones after the draw. The draws for this lottery take place every night of the week at 21:40 (Polish Time).
3. South Africa Daily Lotto 
The South Africa Daily Lotto is arguably one of the most popular lotteries in South Africa and punters have an opportunity of winning the jackpot prize of an estimated R100,000 daily. This lottery is a 5/36 lottery which means that you have to select a total of 5 numbers from a range of 1-36. The Daily Lotto pays out all the money in prize winnings in each draw and this means that if there is no winner for the top prize for example, the winnings will automatically roll down to the next division and secondary winners will then receive boosted prizes. The drawings for the Daily Lotto take place everyday at 21:00.
4. Russian Goslotto 6/45
The Russia Gosloto 6/45 is the most popular lottery in Russia which has two daily drawings from Monday right up to Sunday. The Gosloto lottery is a one ball set lottery where the punter has to select 6 numbers in the range from 1 to 45 and please note that there is no Bonus Ball. The first draw takes place at 11:00am and the second draw takes place at 23:00 (Moscow time). The results for both draws are published 35 minutes after each draw.
5. Italy MillionDAY
The Italy MillionDAY is a very lucrative lottery from Italy which offers you a daily opportunity of becoming a millionaire because the lottery offers fixed, guaranteed jackpots of €1 million. Since the lottery is 5/55, you must select 5 numbers ranging from 1 – 55 and if you manage to match all the five numbers correctly , you will be the jackpot winner. There are other prize categories for correctly predicting two, three, four numbers correctly. MillionDay lottery is drawn every day at 19:00 CET.
6. Mexico Chispazo
The Mexico Chispazo is a very popular Mexican lottery which holds two draws on a daily basis from Monday to Sunday.  What makes this lottery also popular is the fact that it is very easy to win it as it uses the matrix 5/28 which means the probability of matching the numbers is very high. In order for you to win, you must select 5 numbers ranging from 1-28 and you will win if you match all the numbers. Besides the jackpot prize, there are 3 prize divisions which means more opportunities of winning. The draws for this lottery are conducted at 15:00 and 21:00 (local time). 
7. The USA Cash4Life 
The USA Cash4Life is a very popular DAILY lottery which is operated by the New York Lottery in the United States of America. The game uses the format lottery 5/60+1/4  which includes both main balls and bonus balls. When playing this lottery, you have different options for claiming Cash for Life prizes and these vary according to states. Hitting the jackpot is not the only way of getting a prize from this lottery as there are a total of 9 prize categories altogether. The Cash4Life drawings are held every night at 9:00pm ET.
8. Ukraine Loto Maxima
The Ukraine Loto Maxima is an exciting daily lottery which offers you a chance of winning great prizes every night of the week. The Ukraine Loto Maxima is a 5/45 lottery and you have to choose 5 numbers from a range of 1-45, if you manage to correctly predict the numbers by matching them with the drawn numbers, you will be the jackpot winner. The Ukraine Loto Maxima offers three secondary prizes for partial matches as well. Drawings for the Ukraine Loto Maxima take place nightly , from Mondays through to Sundays, at 22:50 (Ukrainian time).
9. The Ireland Daily Million 6/39
The Ireland Daily Million 6/39 is a very popular Irish lotto which follows the matrix 6/39. The lottery is very popular due to the fact that its draws are held four times daily so punters have a lot of opportunities to win. The four draws for the The Ireland Daily Million 6/39 are categorised in this way; Irish Daily Millions Afternoon, Irish Daily Millions Afternoon Plus, Irish Daily Millions Evening and Irish Daily Millions Evening Plus. In order for you to play the Ireland Daily Million, you have to correctly choose six numbers from 1 to 39 and if you manage to match all the six numbers, you will win the jackpot prize. There is a bonus ball which serves the purpose of helping you to win more, however the bonus ball does not apply to the top prize.
10. Illinois Lucky Day Lotto 5/45
The Illinois Lucky Day Lotto 5/45 is a lottery game from Illinois. This lottery game is a single set lotto and there is no bonus ball involved. The Illinois Lucky Day Lotto 5/45’s jackpot starts at $100,000 and it will continue to rollover until it is won. The main reason why this lottery is very popular is because it has drawings daily and punters like lotteries which offer many opportunities of winning. The Illinois Lucky Day Lotto is a 5/45 lottery which means that in order for you to play the Illinois Lucky Day Lotto, you need to select a total of 5 numbers from 1-45 with each play costing you $1, if you manage to match all the numbers which the drawn ones, you will win the jackpot. The draws for this lottery are conducted each and everyday twice a day at 12.40 p.m and 9:20PM (GMT-6:00).

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