How to buy SA Lotto tickets online

The SA Lotto is one of the most popular state lottery games in South Africa due to the humongous jackpots it offers to jackpot winners and week in week out, punters bet on this popular game with the hope of hitting the jackpot one day. The lottery has always been popular ever since it was launched in 2000 and it has a guaranteed R2,000,000 jackpot which is ok in itself but it can quickly grow into a very huge jackpot when it continuously rolls over with the biggest jackpot being R110 million.
The price for a South Africa Lotto ticket is R5 only and this article takes a look at how you can buy SA lotto tickets online on various platforms. The good thing about playing the SA Lotto is that it is quick and convenient and it also saves time by avoiding the long queues at shops.

How to buy SA lotto tickets online on the national lottery website?

In order for you to buy SA Lotto tickets on the ITHUBA National lotto website you must register for an account with the company on their official website
Assuming that you have already registered, you must log into your account and select ‘My Payment’
You will notice that you can deposit via Direct Top-Up, EFT or Voucher.
Direct Top-Up
If you choose the Direct Top-Up option, you must select whether you wish to use your card of Instant EFT, enter the amount you wish to deposit and click on the ‘Deposit’ button.
If you opt for EFT, you will be presented with banking details for all the banks you can deposit with.
Please note that you must use your cellphone number as your reference when making the deposit and do not leave spaces between the digits
If you opt for ‘voucher’, you must enter the voucher code and then click on the ‘Credit Wallet’ button.

How to buy SA lotto tickets on the World Sports Betting website?

In order to by SA Lotto tickets on the WSB platform, you must log into your betting account on
You must click on the ‘National Lottery’ link on the left side of the homepage
You will be redirected to where you must select the lottery that you wish to purchase tickets for, which is of course LOTTO
You must proceed by choosing whether you want to make manual selections or you want to use Quick Pick
You can play many boards depending on your choice and the cost of the ticket depends on the number of boards you play.
Click on the ‘But Tickets’ button once done.

How to buy SA lotto tickets on the Magic Lotto website?

In order for you to buy SA Lotto tickets with Magic Lotto, you must be registered by following a simple registration process on the website.
Assuming that you have already registered, you must login to using the login form supplied at the top of the site.
Once you have logged in, you must fund your South African Rands (ZAR) “wallets” which enables you to play the SA Lotto (You have two wallets, that is, one for South African Rands (ZAR) and one for British Pounds (GBP).
You can pay using any of the payment methods namely VISA. Mastercard, Paygate Plus and DPO South Africa.
Please note that when you are playing the SA Lotto with Magic Lotto, the costs for the lottery tickets and play options will be deducted from the ZAR account.

How to buy SA lotto tickets on ABSA app?

Download the Absa Banking App on your Smart Phone from AppStore or PlayStore
Register your profile and logIn
Select the lotto/Powerball option from the menu on the home screen
Choose LOTTO as the game you want to play
You can select QuickPick or select the numbers yourself
There is an option to select the number of future draws you want.
Select the account you want to pay from
Confirm your transaction

How to buy SA lotto tickets on Nedbank app?

Click on ‘Lotto’ on the main menu
Click on the ‘Accept’ button after reading through the indemnity information
Click on the ‘Purchase Lotto’ button to proceed
Select the LOTTO as your option and enter the required information
Click the ‘Submit’ button to proceed
Click the ‘Confirm’ button after verifying the purchase.

How to buy SA lotto tickets on Nedbank website?

Visit the official Nedbank website
Click on the Lotto menu and choose ‘Purchase Lotto’
Select ‘lotto’ from the games provided
Enter the required information like (Game type, Draw date, Draw number etc) and click the ‘Make Purchase’ button.
Click ‘Confirm Purchases’ after verifying the details

How to buy SA lotto tickets on Standard Bank app?

Login on the banking app.
Once logged in, select “Buy”.
Select Lotto from the Lotto/Powerball landing screen.
Choose options to play.
Review the lotto details you entered.
Confirm the lotto details of the transaction.
An SMS will be sent confirming numbers played, draw date and a reference number.

How to buy SA lotto tickets on FNB app?

Log into the FNB app with your Username and Password
Select ‘Buy’ on the Homepage screen
Select LOTTO from the available options
Proceed by selecting ‘Play Lotto’
Choose numbers for at least two boards and select ‘Continue’
You can also select the number of draws and then select ‘Buy’ when you are done
Select ‘Confirm’ after reviewing the confirmation screen
A thank you screen will appear confirming your purchase and you must select ‘Finish’

How to buy SA lotto tickets on FNB website?

Log into online banking using your Username and Password
Select ‘Buy’ on the homepage screen
Select the ‘Lotto’ tab
Proceed by selecting ‘Play Now’ so that you may choose your numbers
Complete the fields under ‘Buy Tickets With’ and select a board to choose your numbers
Proceed by choosing 6 numbers and then select ‘Done’ once you are done selecting the numbers
Proceed by selecting ‘Buy’
Select ‘Confirm’ after reviewing the confirmation screen
Finalise the process by clicking on ‘Finish’

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