How to Play Greek Lotto

The Greece Lotto, also called the Greek 6/49 Lottery, is held twice a week and is accessible to many of the world’s leading online betting operators.

The Greece lottery draw takes place twice a week, on a Wednesday and Saturday night in Athens.

The Greece lottery can be broken up into two parts; first the main draw offers staggering prize monies in the form of a normal lottery, and secondly as a ‘Lucky Numbers’ version for many bet shop operators offline and online.

The normal lottery works like many across the world with six numbers correctly predicted earning the substantial life-changing win, and then as correct numbers decrease the winning amounts get lower.

There is a bonus ball system, meaning a player can get five numbers and the bonus ball and still win a large amount.

The odds of winning the main lottery is about 13 million to one and offers tens of millions of Euros as first prize. The lottery is based on an accumulator effect and can grow to life-altering amounts.

With betting operators the draw offers punters a more controlled environment, with the option to bet on one ball all the way up to six. Some betting companies only offer until four correct numbers as each operators as individual maximum pay-outs.

The bonus ball is also a bet-option for online and offline punters, with selecting the correct bonus ball a viable bet-option.

The odds pay out on the bonus ball is around 50/1 while selecting one number is around six to one.

See Greek Lotto Predictions

Predicting four numbers will yield odds of 3500 to one on most betting sites.

Each online operator will have their own minimum stake, with South Africa offering a chance to win starting at R1.

The Greece Lottery is thus used as the main lottery draw for the country, can be played online and can also be used as a Lucky Numbers prediction game by betting operators.

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