How to Play SA Lotto Plus

The South African Lotto plus was introduced by the Lottery Board in 2003 and has proved a welcome and popular addition to the growing stable.

The Lotto Plus is essentially an add-on to the main draw and the numbers used to catch the winning amount are the exact same as drawn for the main event.

When purchasing a lottery ticket a player can add the lotto plus 1 or lotto plus 2 to their ticket, increasing their odds of winning a substantial prize. The cost of adding the lotto plus is R2.50 and the lotto Plus 2 is a further R2.50. This takes the total bet for a line of numbers to R10 (should a punter be willing to enter all three opportunities).

SA lotto plus predictions

The tickets can be purchased online or at most supermarkets, convenience shops and totes.

The Lotto Plus is thus made up of two separate jackpots, with the same numbers needed to win. Lotto plus 1 and lotto plus 2. The Lotto Plus 2 has reached well over R30 million in accumulated winnings, while the Lotto Plus 1 is generally in the R1-5 million range.

Overall the prize monies for all categories are lower than the main lottery, but still handsome enough to take a chance.

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