LM Bookmaker Lucky Numbers

LM Bookmaker is a popular South African bookmaker which operates retail betting shops and an online sports betting platform as well. The bookmaker has since joined forces with Soccer Shop and this is their new trading name, the reason for this merger was so that they can offer their clients with a world class betting experience. You can expect to bet on a number of betting products on the LMBookmaker platform including Sports, Betgames, Esports and Lucky Numbers.

With LM Bookmaker/ Soccer Shop, you have the opportunity to bet on several Lucky Numbers draws including SA Lotto, SA Powerball, Russia Goslotto, UK49’s Lunch, Spain – Daily 6/49, USA Powerball and several others.

In order for you to find Lucky Numbers on the LM Bookmaker/Soccer Shop platform, you must log into your betting account on the official Soccer Shop website https://www.soccershop.bet/ and click on ‘Lotto’ on the left-sided menu on the homepage. Clicking on ‘Lotto’ will take you to the Lucky Numbers page https://www.soccershop.bet/sports-betting/lucky-numbers where you can select your preferred Lucky Numbers game you wish to bet on.

Odds for UK49’s
Selection Odds
1 Numbers 5.5
2 Numbers 52
3 Numbers 420
4 Numbers 5000
5 Numbers 50000
Bonus Ball Hi 0.9
Bonus Ball Lo 0.9
Bonus Ball Single 4.25
Bonus Ball 45
Odds for Russia Goslotto 6/45
Selection Odds
1 Numbers 6
2 Numbers 57
3 Numbers 550
4 Numbers 6000
5 Numbers 82000
Odds for SA Daily Lotto
Selection Odds
1 Ball 5.5
2 Balls 55
3 Balls 550
4 Balls 7500
Odds for SA Lotto
Selection Odds
1 Number 6
2 Numbers 56
3 Numbers 515
4 Numbers 5350
5 Numbers 61000
Bonus Ball Hi 0.9
Bonus Ball Lo 0.9
Bonus Ball Single 4.4
Bonus Ball 48

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