Chile Lotto 6/41 Predictions

What is the Chile Lotto?

The Chile Lotto is a very popular lottery from Chile, the lotto is popular due to the fact that it is very lucrative, with its jackpot starting at €332,000 and growing to huge figures due to the fact that it is a rollover lottery. The Chile Lotto was launched over three decades ago in 1989 and has stayed loyal to its format of 6/41.There are many opportunities to win with this lotto because it has three weekly draws and the good thing about this lottery is that there are a total of five prize divisions. Chile Lotto prizes are subject to a 17% tax and the lotto awards all prizes as single lump-sum cash payments.

Chile Lotto Predictions

Polla Loto - 19/07/2024

Cold Numbers


1 times


1 times


1 times


1 times


1 times


1 times

Hot Numbers


7 times


6 times


6 times


6 times


6 times


5 times

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How do you play the Chile Lotto?

 Chile Lotto is one of the easiest lotteries you will ever come across, it can be easily played by both seasoned and newbie punters. Since we have already established that the Chile Lotto is a 6/41, you simply have to choose six numbers from a range of 1 to 41, and if you manage to match all the six numbers that are drawn, you will automatically win the jackpot. There is also a “Wild Card” number which is also drawn after the six main numbers have been drawn. The ‘Wild Card’ which is also known as the “Comodin,” is drawn from the same drum and you don’t need this number to win the jackpot but it is used to determine the winner of the other four prizes. The lotto has the ‘AZR’  feature which will randomly select a set of numbers for you.
When are the draws conducted?
There are numerous opportunities of hitting the jackpot with this lottery because it has a total of three draws each and every week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 9 pm (CLST). You can access the results online as soon as the draw has been conducted and you have up to 90 days to claim your prize.
Who can bet on the Chile Lotto?
Anyone can play the Chile Lotto online by making use of a wide range of online lottery sites which offer this lottery.  
What are the odds of winning the Chile Loto?
The Chile lotto is a fairly lucrative lottery with its record jackpot being €14 million which was won in 2019, other big jackpots include €11.3 million and €10.6 million which were won in 201 and 2016 respectively. What this proves is that the lotto jackpot can be won and the odds are generally favourable, below is a table showing the odds of winning;
Number of Matched Numbers               Odds of Winning
6                                                             1 in 4,496,388
5+C                                                        1 in 749,398
5                                                             1 in 22,041
4+C                                                        1 in 8,816
4                                                             1 in 534
3+C                                                        1 in 401
3                                                             1 in 38
2                                                             1 in 50

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