Russia FAFI

The Russia FAFI draw is a unique Russian lotto draw game which is based on the popular Russia Goslotto 5/36. What this means is that if it happens that there is no Goslotto 5/36 draw on a particular day, there will also be no FAFI draw because when you are betting on the FAFI draw, you will be betting on the first number drawn in the Goslotto 5/36 draw. Russia FAFI has 5 daily drawings which are conducted after each Goslotto 5/36 draw.

How do you play the Russia FAFI?

This is one of the easiest lottery games you will come across, in order to play, you must correctly predict the number to be drawn first in the Goslotto 5/36 draw, For example, if the result for a particular 5/36 draw is 02, 22, 23, 30 and 31, the correct FAFI prediction will be 02 because 02 was drawn first.
When are the Russia FAFI draws conducted?
The Russia FAFI has 5 daily drawings from Monday to Sunday at 11:35, 14:35, 17:35, 20:35 and 23:35 on all the days.
Who can bet on Russia FAFI game?
Players from all over the world can bet on this lottery using international online lottery agents.
What are the odds of winning Russia FAFI?
The odds of winning Russia FAFI are 32/1

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