Spanish Daily 6/49 Predictions

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The Spanish Daily 6/49 is a popular Spanish lottery which was created 3 decades ago in the year 1990 and it  has grown to be what it is today. 
The Spanish Daily 6/49 gives its players a chance to win daily except for Sundays only when the lotto is not played. every day to win. Like the name 6/49 suggests, the game is played by selecting six numbers from 1 up to 49.
Unlike the Spanish 6/49, where the bonus number is assigned to the ticket, the Spanish Daily 6/49 bonus number is chosen by the player from the same 49-number field. The first 6 balls are the main balls whilst the seventh ball is the bonus ball.
The Spanish Daily 6/49 draws take place in Madrid, Spain from Monday to Saturday at 10:30 PM Spanish time. 
Below are the odds for the Spanish Daily 6/49 Draw :
Bonus Ball Odd   0.9
Bonus Ball Even   0.9
Bonus Ball High   0.9
Bonus Ball Low   0.9
Bonus Ball Single  4.25
1 Ball (Main Set & Bonus)  5.5
1 Ball (Bonus)   45
2 Balls (Main Set & Bonus) 52
3 Balls (Main Set & Bonus) 400
4 Balls (Main Set & Bonus) 4000