Lucky Numbers Draw Days And Times

Below you can find a list of the days of the week and times that lucky numbers draws happen

UK49 Teatime (Every day, 18:30)
UK49 Lunchtime (Every day, 13:45)
SA Lotto (Wednesday and Saturday, at 21:00)
SA lotto Plus (Wednesday and Saturday, at 21:00)
SA Powerball (Tuesday and Friday, at 20:55)
SA Powerball Plus (Tuesday and Friday, at 20:55)
UK Lotto (Wednesday and Saturday, 21:00)
UK Thunderball (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 21:00)
France 5/49 (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, 19:00)
Goslotto 6/45 (Twice, everyday, 10:35 and 22:25)
Greece Lotto (Wednesday and Saturday, 20:00)
Greece Powerball (Thursday and Sunday, 20:00)
Philippines 645 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 14:00)

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