Scorebet Lucky Numbers

The sports betting scene, especially across the website and mobile phone market is growing at a fast pace in South Africa, with a varied and diverse number of platforms offering the requisite features to become a household brand in the country.

Scorebet is an ambitious platform looking to cash in on the zest and zeal of millions of potential punters by offering the full range of game-play features including in-play action, a multi-sport book, quality promotions and the now essential lucky numbers feature.
Lucky numbers offers punters the chance to partake in several daily lotteries, all computer generated draws, and with big cash on offer, this feature is an important tool in the arsenal of all leading platforms.

Scorebet offers punters an opportunity to stake bets on the balls drawn across the lotto spectrum, and that they do not have an actual ticket in the particular international draw. They will be paid on a fixed odds system by choosing any number of numbers that are drawn in each lottery.

Lottery play from around the globe and South Africa happen weekly and daily

Scorebet, like all leading competitors offer lucky numbers in the form of lotto and lottery. The site has quick links to both features to be found on their main landing page, on both web and mobi sites.

The mobi site access can be reached by clicking on the quick links icon, then the lotto link.

Scorebet offers more than 50 lotteries from across the globe, from Lithuania to Poland and across the oceans.

As is the standard norm a punter can pick 1 to 4 numbers to play on a main lottery draw and odds fluctuate as more options are selected. For example picking 2 balls will give the punter odds of 70/1 while four balls rockets to between 4000 and 7000/1,

Clicking on a lottery like the Russian one, opens a simple-to-use bet slip, with the punter having to click on 1 ball or more.

There is no mentioned minimum bet but this will come up when a punter clicks on an option onto their bet slip.

The maximum pay-out for scorebet is R1.5 million and while a far cry off some leading R10 million pay-outs on other sites, is still deemed a substantial win.

The site’s lotto play is well laid out, the information of how to play is accessible and the info regarding max pay-outs and pay-out dates are adequately covered in the terms and conditions (found at the bottom of the main landing page).

There is no significant bet-market likes odd or even number balls and all other options many sites use, but the simple-nature of the straight lottery play is appealing no newcomers especially.

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