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You want to play Spina Zonke games and want to know the best times for play Spina Zonke? Do you play early hours of the morning, late in the evening? Do you play over lunch or breakfast? These are questions lots of Spina Zonke players are asking. It just so happens that a group or enterprising Spina Zonke players made a PDF which details their best times for playing each Spina Zonke game. At this stage, no one knows who created this PDF, but it is proving very popular online. We can not vouch for these times or their accuracy, but you can find the Spina Zonke PDF download below.

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If you doom then you are playing wrong This booklet has winning times, bet levels and days to play, prepare to be rich and be an idol.

The Spina Zonke Best Times to play PDF. Follow the times for the different games in order to stand a better chance of winning on most of the popular Spina Zonke and Reel Rush games. The PDF
works for all Habanero games. Share with your friends, and bet with Hollywoodbets, where you get a free R25 sign up bet for sports, and if you win you can use the money on Spina Zonke.

Spina Zonke Tips and Tricks

• Bet Level 2,3,4 works best on a Saturday, Tuesday, Sunday and Friday
• Avoid Paydays and Public Holidays
• If you are losing change to another game from the list
• When you win increase your bet after 15 spins
• Don’t rush the game if you are angry or losing
• Don’t play small if you want to win big
• Supabets have free spins for players on a Monday and Thursday

Best times to play Magic Fortune

09h17 to 09h20
9h30 09h35
14H0914H2009h40 09h45 14H3014H35 10h06 10h10 15H0915H11 10h15 10h20 15H2115H25 10h25 10h30 15H3915H42 10h40 10h45 16H0916H10 11h50 11h55 16H1516H22 10h59 11h00 16H3916H45 11h11 11h12 17H0017H10These times are when biggest pay-outs come Focus on Sam 10 am 11am 1pm 2 pm 3 pm 4pm 5pm

Best times to play Hot Hot Fruit

19h39 to 19h00
19h13 to 19h44
19h55 to 19h56
20h09 – 20h11
20h24 – 20h25
20h35 – 20h36
22h23 -22h24
02h16 to 02h17
02h19 to 02h20
Focus morning and evenings

Best Times to play Wealth Inn

10h09 to 10h10
10h12 to 10h13
10h26 to 10h27
10h30 to 10h32
10h41 to 10h42
10h59 to 11h00
11h11 to 11h12
114 to 11h15
11126 to 11h27
11h34 to 11h35
11h37 to 11h40
11h31 to 11h52
12h26 to 12h28
12h42 to 12h44
12h53 to 12h55
14h02 to 14h03
14h07 to 14h08
14h33 to 14h34
14h37 to 14h38
15h00 to 15h01
15h09 to 15h10
15h13 to 15h14
15h28 to 15h23

Best Times to play Lucky Lucky

18h00 to 18h01
18h06 to 18h07
18h18 to 1819
19h23 to 19h24
19h55 to 19h56
20h04 to 20h05
20h07 to 20h08
20h09 to 20h11
20h24 to 20h25
20h35 to 20h36
21h04 to 21h05
21h09 to 21h10
21h17 to 21h18
21h31 to 21h32
21h49 to 21h50
22h13 to 22h14
22h23 to 22h24
22h51 to 22h53
23h19 to 23h20
23h22 to 23h23
23h30 to 23h31
23h31 to 22h33
23h49 to 23h50
00h07 to 00h08

Best Times to play Return to the Feature

10h59 to 11h00
11h11 to 11h12
11h14 to 11h15
11h26 to 11h27
11h34 to 11h35
11h37 to 11h40
11h51 to   11h52
12h25 to 12h28
12h42 to 12h64
12h53 to 12h55
14h02 to 14h03
14h07 to 14h08
14h33 to 14h34
14h37 to 14h38
15h00 to 15h01
15h09 to 15h10  
15h13 to 15h14
15h28 to 15h23


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