Supabets UK49s

Supabets is an extremely popular South African bookmaker which also operates in other African countries and offers a wide range of betting products including Sports betting, Casino, Betgames, Pools, Lucky Numbers and several other products.
Supabets offers quite a large selection of Lucky Numbers on their site and punters will be excited to know that the bookmaker offers some of the most popular Lucky Numbers draws including SA Lotto, SA Powerball, France Powerball, UK 49s and several other games from a number of countries Russia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, United States, France and several others. This article takes a closer look at the UK49’s Lucky Numbers draw game because it is arguably the most popular Lucky Number’s draw.

How to find UK 49s on Supabets

In order for you to bet on LuckyNumbers on the Supabets platform, you must visit the official Supabets website and click on ‘Supanumbers’ on the top menu of the homepage. You will be redirected to the Lucky Numbers page where you will find the UK49’s draw and place your bet. Please note that in order for you to find the UK49’s, you either scroll down or use the search feature.

What are their odds for the balls and the booster/bonus ball?
Below are the odds of winning for the number of balls you can bet on with the UK49’s:
Selection Odds
Bonus Ball 45
1 Ball 5.5
2 Balls 50
3 Balls 420
4 Balls 5000
5 Balls 50000
1 Ball + Bonus 344.00
2 Balls + Bonus 2805.00
3 Balls + Bonus 27645.00
4 Balls + Bonus 460045.00

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