YesPlay Lucky Numbers

YesPlay is a bookmaker which operates legally in South Africa and offers its customers with a variety of products namely from sports, live games and lucky numbers. YesPlay offers over 60 lucky numbers draws from several lotteries from around the world. The YesPlay platform is different from other platforms because they use a fixed odds betting system where the size of the winnings is determined by the specified stake. It means that you’ll get a fixed return on your bet. The popular lotteries on Yesplay include SA Daily, UK 49s and Russia Gosloto.

YesPlay offers quite a large selection of Lucky Numbers from a variety of countries worldwide like UK49’s Lunch, Spain – Daily 6/49, Poland – Main 6/49, SA Lotto, SA Powerball, Russia Goslotto, USA Powerball and several others.

Betting on the YesPlay platform is limited to registered clients only, if you are yet to register, you can easily do so online on their website. In order to place a bet, you must visit the official YesPlay website at and click on ‘Lucky Numbers’ on the main menu and you will be redirected to the Lucky Numbers page You will find a lot of draws on that page, select your preferred choice and place your bet.
Odds for UK49’s
Selection Odds
1 Numbers 5.5
2 Numbers 50
3 Numbers 400
4 Numbers 4250
Odds for Russia Goslotto 6/45
Selection Odds
1 Numbers 6
2 Numbers 60
3 Numbers 450
4 Numbers 4500
Odds for SA Daily Lotto
Selection Odds
1 Ball 5.5
2 Balls 55
3 Balls 550
4 Balls 5550
Odds for SA Lotto
Selection Odds
1 Numbers 5.7
2 Numbers 55
3 Numbers 500
4 Numbers 5500

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