Gbets UK49s

Gbets is a South African bookmaker which is very popular due to the fact that it offers a professional service to its punters. The bookmaker offers quite a number of betting products to its customers including sports, betgames, casino, lucky numbers and several others. Several bookmakers in South Africa offer Lucky Numbers because it is a very popular betting product in South Africa offering punters with an opportunity to bet on both local and international lotteries and the good thing is that you can bet on several lucky numbers draws on the Gbets platform.
The bookmaker offers several Lucky Numbers draws from a number of countries worldwide like the USA, France, Italy, Russia and several others, and one of the most popular draws offered by Gbets is the UK49s draw, which has two daily draws, thereby giving punters several opportunities of winning.

How to find UK49s on Gbets

Betting on the UK49’s lotto draw on the Gbets platform is very easy, you simply need to visit the official Gbets website, and click on Lucky Numbers on the website’s main menu. You will be then be redirected to the Lucky Numbers page which consists of all the Lucky Numbers offered on this platform, You must then search for the UK49’s draw by either scrolling down until you find the draw or by using the search feature which is located on the right side of the page. Click on ‘bet now’ and place your bet.

What are their odds for the balls and the booster/bonus ball?
Below are the odds of winning for the number of balls you can bet on with the UK49’s;
No. of balls UK Odds
1 Number 6.50
Bonus Ball 46.00
2 Numbers 53.00
Double (+1 Bonus Ball) 361.00
3 Numbers 451.00
Trebble (2 + Bonus Ball) 3001.00
4 Numbers 5001.00
QUAD (3 + Bonus Ball) 28001.00
5 Numbers 50001.00
6 Numbers 300001.00

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