How to Play France Lotto 5 49

The French loto 5/49 is a lottery-like game that is offered by many of the world’s leading betting operators including sports betting sites.

Sports betting sites across the world offer this betting game to their subscribers and it is proving one of the more popular lottery ‘lucky numbers’ games in the world.

The draw takes place on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday night at 7.30 pm (GMT). The bet-markets on offer are available on all leading sites and bet shops, with the top operators offering eight winning stakes. The results are verified by 10 pm the following day.

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This game is unlike a lottery in that it is more of a betting game, with a punter choosing the bet amount and following a bet-strategy that is best suited to their needs. The maximum pay-outs are for bettors who select five balls from a series of 1-49 and a power ball between numbers 1-10.

The many different online and offline sports betting companies using the France Lotto 5/49 have different rules regarding maximum pay-outs, with Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers in South Africa only offering pay-outs for three balls and the Powerball, at odds of 12 500 to one – or for correctly selecting four numbers (odds pay-out of 25 000 to one).

Many leading sites call this draw ‘Lucky Numbers’ and can be found under links on their sites, or at their physical shops.
An example of the many of the betting options:

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