How to Play Goslotto

The Gosloto 6/45 is a lottery-like game based on the lucky numbers principle. The draw takes place in Russia.

The 6 indicates the amount of winning numbers a punter must predict while the 45 represents the amount of balls to pick from.

This lotto is offered by many of the leading sports betting sites across the globe as part of their bet-market.

The game is not so much a lottery, and offers a more complete betting strategy package. This form of ‘Lucky Numbers’ prediction is more controllable than a lottery in that punters can opt for a variety of bet-options, such as only choosing one number and increasing the stake.

The pay-outs are set at a fixed rate, and will not fluctuate regardless of how many people hit the numbers.

In Russia, the main Golsoto draw takes place at 3 pm (GMT) and results are posted almost immediately. This main draw is featured on many of the world’s biggest betting sites and is proving a popular game.

The draw is made up of numbers 1-45 and to win the maximum pay-out six correct numbers must be played. The highest pay-out for this game was won in Russia and was an incredible 5 million US dollars.

In some countries offering this feature (like South Africa), there are Gosloto draws done twice a day, at 11 am and 11 pm GMT, and these are available on all leading online sports betting sites and shops.

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For these twice-daily draws, the results are normally published 30 minutes after the draw.

The chances of winning the grand prize are approximately 8 million to one.

Punters can choose to place a bet on one number coming, two numbers and so on, until the maximum of six numbers is reached. However, many betting operators only pay out until four balls, due to the high odds and the maximum amount of winnings per establishment. Many go up to four correct picks and that offers a 4000 to 1 chance.