California Super Lotto Predictions

SuperLotto Plus - 18/05/2024

Cold Numbers


1 times


1 times


1 times


1 times


1 times

Hot Numbers


6 times


5 times


5 times


5 times


5 times

What is the California Super Lotto?

The California Super Lotto is a very popular lotto from California which was launched in the year 1984. This lottery is one of the lotteries which was founded for a good cause because the main reason for this lotto was to help raise money to fund public education without increasing the tax of California residents. It is popular, but the most popular US lottery is still the USA Mega Millions. This is one of the most lucrative lotto’s around with its jackpot starting at a staggering amount of $7 million. What is impressive with this lotto is the fact that the California Super Lotto has two weekly draws and it also offers 9 prize tiers which means more and more opportunities to win. The lottery also offers better odds compared to other popular lotteries.

There are many popular lotteries in the US. Below you can see the main ones that have fixed odds to bet on:

How do you play the California Super Lotto?

The California Super Lotto is what is referred to as a 2 drum game because there are two drums for you to bet on, Since the lotto is a 5/47 Lotto, you have to correctly match 5 numbers from a selection of numbers 1-47 which is the first pool. You must also select a ‘mega number’ from the second pool with numbers 1-27. As soon as the draws are conducted, you can check out the results of this lotto online from a wide range of lottery sites. 
When are the draws conducted?
California Super Lotto draws take place twice a week on Wednesday and Saturdays. The Wednesday draw is called Lotto 1 and it takes place at 6:20 pm CET, the Saturday draw on the other hand is called Lotto 2 and it takes place at 8:00 pm CET. 
Who can bet on the California Super Lotto?
The availability of the internet has transformed the world and made many things which were once imposible are now possible thanks to the internet. In its initial stages, the California Super Lotto was only available to California residents, right now people can bet on this popular lotto from anywhere in the world thanks to Lotto brokers around the world.
What are the odds of winning the California Super Lotto?
The California Super Lotto  has 9 prize tiers which means that it is a highly rewarding lotto and those who fail to hit the jackpot can also win if they manage to match the numbers for the remaining tiers. The jackpot starts at a staggering $7 million which will roll over if no-one manages to win it until it is won. A minimum $7 million jackpot prize has been paid out 176 times which is proof that this is a fairly winnable lotto but the biggest jackpot for the California Super Lotto was $120 million in the year 2002.

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