USA Bonus Match 5/39 Predictions

USA Bonus Match Predictions

What is the USA Bonus Match 5/39?

The USA Bonus Match 5 5/39 is a very popular lottery which was launched almost two decades ago in February 2002. The lotto is very popular because it has a number of draws on a weekly basis, in particular, the lotto has seven draws in a week. The lotto has quite favourable odds because it is a 5/39 lotto which means that there are just a few numbers to choose from.

There are many popular lotteries in the US. Below you can see the main ones that have fixed odds to bet on:

How do you play the USA Bonus Match 5/39?

In order for you to play the USA Bonus Match 5 5/39 , you have to pick five numbers from 1 to 39. There is a sixth number which is drawn, the Bonus Number, this number gives you three extra prizes to win. Although you get one play for a dollar, you get nine plays for six dollars.

When are the draws conducted?
The draws for the USA Bonus Match 5 5/39 are conducted everyday and you can check out the results once the draw has been made.
Who can bet on the USA Bonus Match 5/39?
In the initial stages of the USA Bonus Match 5/39, only the United States residents could play this lotto due to the unavailability of the internet. These days players from all over the world can play USA Bonus Match 5/39 lottery by using the services of lotto brokers which are located in many countries around the world.
What are the odds of winning the USA Bonus Match 5/39?
The odds of winning the Bonus Match 5 jackpot are one in 575,757 per $1 ticket.

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