PalaceBet UK49s

PalaceBet is still a relatively new bookmaker in South Africa but it seems the bookmaker is making huge strides in the South African betting industry because more and more punters are signing up with the bookmaker. The bookmaker offers a betting product which is tailor-made for the South Africa punters and that is the reason why it offers lucky numbers because lucky numbers is such a popular betting product in South Africa.
PalaceBet has an impressive lucky number offering because the bookmaker offers more than 160 Lucky Numbers draws so there is more than enough games to bet on. Some of the lucky numbers draw you can find include Goslotto, France Lotto, MegaMillions, UK49s and several other draws.

How to find UK49s on Palacebet

Betting on the UK49s is quite easy, you simply need to visit the PalaceBet official website and click on the ‘Lucky Numbers’ link on the main menu. You will be redirected to the Lucky Numbers page where you will be presented with a long list of Lucky Numbers games and you must select UK49’s. You will be provided with betting markets for the UK49’s draw and you would need to enter the amount of money you would like to bet with and submit your bet.
What are their odds for the balls and the booster/bonus ball?

Below are the odds of winning for the number of balls you can bet on with the UK49’s:
No. of balls UK Odds
1 Number 6.50
2 Number 53.00
3 Number 461.00
4 Number 5001.00
Bonus Ball 46.00
5 Number 65001.00
6 Number 400001.00
7 Number 2000001.00
Bonus Ball Lo – Hi 2.00
Bonus Ball Single Number 5.25

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