Bet on 49s – UK49s Betting

The UK49s are the most popular lottery/lucky numbers that South African players bet on. It is popular for a number of reasons, including:

  • It is one of the oldest and longest running lotteries players bet on
  • It was developed specifically for bookmakers to allow players to bet on
  • It is every day, and there are 2 draws daily
  • It is an easy game to play
  • The results are easy to find (UK49s teatime results, UK49s lunchtime results)

How to Bet on UK 49s

As the UK49s lotto was designed specifically for betting, it is really a simple game to bet on. there are between 1-49 balls for each draw. In each draw, six balls are randomly selected, along with a Booster ball. In order to win, you need to correctly predict which numbered balls will be drawn. You can between 1-5 balls, and with each additional ball you pick/predict, the odds increase dramatically. For example, for 1 ball the odds might be between 6.5-8. But chose 5 balls and the odds jump to +- 100 000. You can see why 49s betting is so popular. With just a tiny stake, you can potentially win a massive jackpot.

Where to bet on UK 49s

Owing to how popular betting on the UK49s is, almost every South African betting site offers it. As the draws are controlled by the lottery itself, the bookmakers just have control over the odds, but even these are very similar, often varying only slightly. Who you bet with really comes down to who you feel most comfortable betting with and if they offer the best option(s) for you.

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