Most Popular lucky numbers people choose

Lucky Numbers have been there for a while now and many people bet on lucky numbers because of the constant hope that one day they will land the jackpot prize which will change their lives for good.
Punters have their own personal lucky numbers which they draw from certain events of their lives, there are people who try to find lucky numbers with the arithmetic of a date, an anniversary, a birth or any event that evokes a pleasant memory. Some punters have testified that this has worked for them and they have won jackpots.

Last year (2020), a 50 year old Johannesburg man won the R232 million South African Powerball Jackpot and he insisted that he played the same numbers for over a decade, “I chose those numbers since 2007 and I believed the slogan ‘one day is one day’, and my day would come. I played the same numbers every year whenever I got a chance to play.” this shows that it is possible for punters to come up with strategies of winning and quite frankly there are almost as many ways of choosing lottery numbers as there are chances of winning it.
This article looks at some of the popular hot numbers drawn from a variety of local and international lotteries :

UK49s lunchtime Most Popular Numbers
Number                  Drawn (Times)                Last Drawn (Time)
47                                  1092                         44 Days Ago
26                                  1069                         44 days ago
15                                  1063                         42 days ago
17                                  1063                         41 days ago
19                                  1059                         32 days ago
37                                  1051                         35 days ago

UK49’s Teatime Most Popular NumbersNumber                  Drawn (Times)                Last Drawn (Time)  
37                                 1,083                         32 days ago
15                                 1,053                         43 days ago
31                                 1,043                         37 days ago
34                                 1,038                         47 days ago
47                                 1,038                         39 days ago
23                                 1,030                         35 days ago

South Africa Lotto Most Popular Numbers
Number                  Drawn (Times)                Last Drawn (Time)  
6                                  44                               12 days ago
1                                  41                               1 day ago
49                                41                               89 days ago
14                                40                               1 day ago
28                                40                               8 days ago
29                                40                               15 days ago

South Africa Powerball Most Popular Numbers
Number                  Drawn (Times)                Last Drawn (Time)
15                                31                               79 days ago
3                                  30                               27 days ago
29                                30                               20 days ago
13                                26                               2 days ago
24                                26                               13 days ago
49                                26                               23 days ago

Russia Goslotto 6/45 Most Popular Numbers
Number                  Drawn (Times)                Last Drawn (Time)
3                                   729                            9 days ago
28                                 727                            9 days ago
4                                   724                           10 days ago
38                                 705                            4 days ago
21                                 699                            4 days ago
18                                 698                            6 days ago

France lotto Most Popular Numbers
Number                  Drawn (Times)                Last Drawn (Time)
41                                212                             1 day ago
13                                207                             93 days ago
1                                  203                             5 days ago
16                                203                             8 days ago
29                                196                             17 days ago
22                                193                             25 days ago

Greece lotto Most Popular Numbers
Number                  Drawn (Times)                Last Drawn (Time)
37                                 289                            67 days ago
19                                 280                            60 days ago
29                                 280                            67 days ago
7                                   280                            91 days ago
6                                   278                            49 days ago
49                                 277                            102 days ago

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Lucky numbers is a very popular form of betting in South Africa. Lucky Number betting is very popular because it gives gamblers an opportunity to get rich overnight. In January 2016, the American Powerball lottery offered a record jackpot prize of $1.58-billion, this is a massive life-changing amount and many people even here in South Africa have been lucky to win these massive jackpots from several lotteries including SA Lotto, SA Powerball, UK49’s, Russian Goslotto among other lotteries.
The South African National lotto currently stands at ZAR6-million whilst the South African Powerball stands at a staggering ZAR160 000 000 and these huge jackpots has made these local lotteries very popular because it gives South African gamblers a reason to believe.
Over the years South Africans have fallen in love with international lotteries, something which has been enabled by the variety of South African bookmakers like Hollywoodbets which offer foreign lotteries to local gamblers. 
Some of the most popular lotteries among the South African gamblers are UK49’s, Russia Goslotto, SA Lotto, SA Daily Lotto and France Lotto.
UK49’s Lotto
The UK49s lotto is a very popular English lottery whose draws take place twice every single day. Punters like daily lotto’s because they are given a chance to win every single day including weekends.
The UK49’s is different from other lotteries because there is no fixed ticket cost giving you the option of choosing how much you want to bet and you can also choose how many numbers you want to try and match.
The UK49’s consists of two lotteries namely the UK49’s Lunchtime and the UK49’s teatime, both these lotteries are similar with the only difference being the draw times for these lottos, lunchtime lotto is drawn at 2:30pm whilst teatime is drawn at 6:30pm.
The UK49’s lotto is a game which is based on the one-ball set format like many other lotteries, where six main numbers and a Booster are drawn from a pool of numbers ranging from 1 to 49. In order to win in this lottery, your selected numbers must match with those randomly selected in a given draw. 
The UK49’s lunchtime draw takes place at 2:30pm everyday whilst the UK49’s lunchtime draw takes place at 2:30pm and this draw is conducted by female presenters live.
Russia Goslotto
The Russia Gosloto 6/45 is a very popular Russian lottery amongst the South African gamblers. The Russia Gosloto 6/45 is a daily lotto with draws taking place twice daily all year long.
You can play the Russian Goslotto 6/45 either in-store or online through popular bookmakers like Hollywoodbets and Playabets amongst others.  
The lotto game has a one ball set which is similar to the SA Lotto. As the name suggests, the ball set for the Russian Goslotto has 45 balls ranging from 1-45 , of which 6 balls are drawn. Please note that this lotto does not have a Bonus Ball. In order to win this lotto, your selected numbers must match the winning numbers.
The first Russian lotto draw takes place at 10:00am with the results getting published about half an hour later and the second Russian lotto draw takes place at 10:00pm and the results will be published about half an hour later as well.
France Lotto
The France Lotto is a popular lotto which comes from France and has been around for several years now. The French lotto has 3 draws every week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The draws for this lottery are conducted at 9 pm SA time.
France Lotto is a straightforward game, it is 5/49 plus 1/10 game which means that for the main draw, you must select 5 numbers from the main pool of numbers 1 to 49 whilst a bonus number is selected from a pool of numbers 1 to 10. 
You can manually select the numbers yourself or make use of the Quick+1 option whereby numbers are randomly generated for you by a computer.  
The odds of winning the France Lotto main prize (5 + 1 numbers) are 1 in 19,068,840. The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 6.
SA Lotto
SA Lotto is one of South Africa’s popular lottos which is drawn twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday every week at 20:56 South African time. The SA Lotto draws are broadcast live on SABC 2. The lotto was founded in the year 2000 and it has made instant millionaires over the years.
The SA Lotto use the 6/52 format , where you need to pick 6 numbers from a set of numbers 1 to 52. The seventh number is the ball which you can select from the same range of 1 to 52.
For you to win the SA Lotto jackpot, you must make sure you match all the six main numbers. In the event that there are no jackpot winners, the prize money will be rolled over to the next draw until someone wins. 
SA Daily Lotto
SA Daily Lotto is fast becoming the most popular lotto in South Africa as it is the only lottery game in South Africa which is played every day of the week.
The Daily Lotto draws take place daily at 21:00hrs and the good thing  about the Daily Lotto is that the jackpot is guaranteed to be given away in every draw everyday.
Playing SA Daily Lotto will cost you R3 which is the entry cost and you can play online on the ithuba website or in-store at various outlets across South Africa.
The Daily Lotto tickets can be bought up until 20:30 and the draw will take place 30 minutes later at 21:00hrs.
Everyday, punters win thousands of rands in prizes on the Daily Lotto in every draw. To hit the jackpot you simply have to match all five of your chosen numbers to the drawn ones. You can still win even if you do not hit the jackpot, there are prizes for two or more numbers.

We know that Fafi is one of the favourite lotteries among South African gamblers, now punters have the opportunity to win a share of R15 000 in the exciting promotion.
In order to win in this competition,  you must place an online bet of a minimum of R10 on any of the Mo-China FAFI draws. The fact that bets are supposed to be placed online means that you have to be a registered client in order for you to be able to participate in this promotion.
There will be a total of  lucky winners daily, these will be selected randomly for the duration of this promotion which closes on 21 April 2020.
Each winner will receive R100 in their bonus wallet.
Promotion starts on 07 April 2020 closes 21 April 2020.
Customers must place an online bet of R10 or more on any of the Mo-China FAFI draws.
10 winners will be selected at random every day for the duration of the promotion.
Each winner will receive R100 in their bonus wallet.
Winnings will need to be rolled over once at odds of 1/1 or better before they can be withdrawn.
Participants must have a SUPABETS account to enter. Your SUPABETS account needs to be successfully FICA’d.
The promotion applies to online customers only.
The prize money will be issued on a daily basis.
Winnings are non-transferrable.
Winners will be contacted by our call centre agents.
The winner’s name will be posted on our Social Media channels, after being contacted by our call centre.
The prizes will be issued after details confirmation.
Competition is subject to our terms and conditions as detailed on our website.

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