YesPlay UK49S Lunchtime Promo

YesPlay has a great promotion based on the UK49’s Lunchtime where you can get a total of 10bets on YesPlay if you place 40 @ R1 ON THE UK49’S Lunch, that is, 50 X R1 for only R40.
Please note that this promotion is ongoing and it expires on the 14th of April 2022 at 23:55 SAST.
Terms and Conditions
All bets are subject to the wagering rules found in our terms and conditions.
The promotion is subject to the purchase of 50 single bets on the “UNITED KINGDOM – 49S – Lunch” draw.
The player must bet on the “3 BALLS + BONUS BALL” market.
The player must select 3 regular balls and bonus ball per bet.
The selected number combinations must be unique.
The cost per single bet is R1.00
The total cost is R50.00
YesPlay will offer a R10 discount off the total cost.
The player is liable to pay R40.00
In the event of the draw not taking place for any reason whatsoever, only the amount paid by the player (i.e. R40.00) will be refunded to the players account.
This promotion is redeemable by a player 10 times per day but not more than 50 times during the time of the promotion.
This promotion will expire on Thursday, 14 April 2022 at 23:55 SAST.

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