Barbados Double Draw Midday

The Barbados Double Draw Lottery is not a very popular game in South Africa but it is a really good game that’s very rewarding. The game is offered by many bookmakers in South Africa and it features a 7/30 structure. 
The Barbados Double Draw has four draws daily namely the Midday, Afternoon, Evening and Night draws so punters have four chances of winning with this lottery on a daily basis. The draws mentioned above are held daily at 18:15, 22:30, 23:55 and 23:59 p.m respectively and the tickets for these draws may be purchased until 5 minutes before the drawing.
Players are allowed to pick up to seven numbers, known as spots, it is very important to note that unlike other lotteries, players are able to play the same number more than once with a multi-draw option.
You need to select to play from one number up to seven numbers from 1 to 30. The more numbers or spots you pick, the higher the odds so you need to play more in order to win more. 
Below are the odds for the Barbados Double Draw: 
1 1 Ball (Main Set) 3
2 2 Balls (Main Set) 16
3 3 Balls (Main Set) 100
4 4 Balls (Main Set) 500
5 5 Balls (Main Set) 5000